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"Snow School" to learn how to live in a snowy mountain from veteran Matagi!

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Program overview

Since ancient times, Oguni Town has three traditional Matagi settlements. The Kotamagawa (Chojabaru) district at the foot of the Iide mountain range, the Gomizawa district at the foot of the Asahi mountain range, and the Kinme district. One of them is a program to experience "Snow School" where you can learn the wisdom of snowy mountains from veteran Matagi in a district called Gomizawa, Oguni Town, located at the foot of the Asahi mountain range. Rabbit chasing, traditional fall festivals, snowy mountain hiking wearing "Kanjiki" ... and snowy mountain sliding, there is no doubt that you can enjoy it instead of your childhood! Finally, we will give you a diploma from "Snow School". After going down the mountain, you can experience the Shinto ritual by having the traditional "Fire Festival" recreated. Let's enjoy drinking with Matagi at night! The next day, hike to the snowy mountains from the morning! Wear a snowshoe and climb a mountain with fresh snow. The view from the top is exceptional. The last lesson is to slip on the snowy mountain! You can go back to your childhood and enjoy yourself. Finally, the principal of "Snow School" will give you a diploma and you will graduate from "Snow School".

Program details

Time required for the program 24 hours (1 night 2 days)
Program price Adults (junior high school students and above) 18,000 yen Elementary school students and younger 10,000 yen (each experience, exchange meeting participation fee, insurance fee, lunch fee on the second day,, Rifure accommodation fee included)
Number of participants (minimum to maximum) 20-40 people
The meeting place KAMOS"Q"
Schedule -Day 1-
12:00 Reception starts
12:15 "Snow School" Opening Ceremony-Move by car (about 40 minutes)
13:00 Rabbit chasing experience Experience rabbit chasing while walking in the snowy mountains
16: 00 ~ Preparation for the fire festival
17:30 Fire Festival
18:30 Supper / Exchange party / Hot spring bathing-2nd day-
8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Snowy mountain hike Wear a snowshoe and walk in the fresh snow
It's time to breathe in the fresh mountain scent
11:30 Closing ceremony
11:45 Lunch
Sales period Held on the first Saturday and Sunday of March every year
Participant's belongings Clothes: Shoes that can walk on snowy roads, rain gear (preferably separate top and bottom), luggage that can be carried on the back such as a rucksack, winter clothing (knit hat, waterproof gloves, neck warmer, etc.)
Drinks, towels, etc.
When making a reservation ・Please make a reservation on the web by 12:00 7 days before your desired date. Please contact us by phone for reservations when the date is approaching.
・When making inquiries from the "Reservation Form", we often do not receive a reply from our mobile phone email address (ezweb, etc.). Please check "Junk E-mail", "Recycle Bin", etc. If you have not received the reply email, please contact us by phone.
・We will contact you regarding the availability of reservations. It may take some time to reply to your application. If you do not contact us within 3 business hours from your application, please contact us again by phone.
・Customers who require special consideration when participating are welcome to contact us once before applying.
Precautions ・Please gather 10 minutes before the meeting time. If no guests arrive after the departure time, the tour will depart.
・It may not be possible to change the sightseeing course or get off the sightseeing due to regulations such as weather and events and traffic conditions.
・Please participate only with your baggage (about a rucksack on your lap). Large luggage will be stored at the meeting place.
・If you bring a wheelchair or stroller, please contact us in advance when applying. We will do our utmost to give you the utmost consideration, but we may not be able to participate. (Depending on the course, it may not be possible to bring it in depending on the size and space.)
・To protect the natural environment, please take measures to prevent trash and take your trash home with you.
・Departure and return times may change significantly depending on traffic conditions and the weather on the day. There is no compensation in case of any problems with the schedule after the tour.
・If you cannot participate due to traffic conditions such as delays in your flight or the weather on the day, we will not be able to change the schedule or refund. Customers who apply for the tour on the day of arrival / travel are at their own risk.
Disclaimer The staff will accompany you for your enjoyment and will guide you with great care in avoiding danger and ensuring safety. However, we are not responsible for accidents caused by the intention or carelessness of the customer. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all the participants in order to implement a fun and safe experience program.
Fees / Payment Included in the price are guide fee, insurance fee, tool rental fee (binoculars, boots), and consumption tax. If you apply for rainwear rental, you will be required to pay the rainwear rental fee separately. Please pay the fee to the nature guide who will be in charge of cash on the day.
About insurance Those who participate in each program will apply for accident insurance. Please ask the staff for details.
Cancellation of reservation If the reservation is canceled due to the customer's convenience, the following amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. No cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation due to bad weather.

Cancellation fee (per person)
Cancellation 8 days before the program Free
Cancellation 7 to 2 days before the program 30% of the participation fee
Cancellation the day before the program 50%
On the day of participation, if you do not contact us 100% of the participation fee
About program conduct The program may be canceled without notice due to weather or other reasons.
No refunds will be given even if the scenery cannot be seen due to the influence of the weather (rain, fog, etc.).
The vehicle used for the tour depends on the number of participants.
* May be mixed with other tours.
Program cancellation / refund If it rains a little, we will do it, so please bring rainwear. We will cancel the event in stormy weather when it is judged that safety cannot be ensured, such as when warnings and warnings related to the weather are issued. If it is determined to be canceled before the program starts, no fee will be charged. Please note that refunds will not be given if the weather changes suddenly after the start.
About transfer Please arrange the transportation to the meeting place by yourself.
Efforts to prevent infection As a countermeasure against new coronavirus infection, we will take the following measures to ensure the safety and security of our customers and staff. We would like to ask our customers for their cooperation.

Please be aware of the latest information such as "emergency declaration" and "priority measures to prevent spread" issued by the government and prefectures regarding travel. We also recommend the use of private PCR tests, etc. so that you can participate with greater peace of mind. Please note that participation may be refused due to the issuance of a state of emergency.
・We will thoroughly implement preventive measures for employee infections (wearing masks, washing hands, disinfecting fingers, etc.) and daily health management (temperature measurement, etc.).
・We will disinfect the equipment on a regular basis.
・To enhance ventilation, we will open the venue and car windows as appropriate.
・Please cooperate in wearing a mask and disinfecting your fingers when you participate.
・If you are not feeling well or have a fever, please refrain from participating.
・Please cooperate in ensuring social distance.
・The dining venue and contents may change in consideration of virus prevention.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the tour enjoyable with peace of mind. In addition, this tour will be carried out after thorough infection control measures such as ventilation, disinfection, and wearing a mask at all times.