Sake brewery CAFE

Fermented dishes that take advantage of food culture.

I feel that Oguni Town is an attractive area for the Matagi culture and mountain life that have been nurtured from the life of a deep snowy country. What surprised me especially was the abundance of preserved foods through fermentation. Fermentation is a food culture necessary for modern society that utilizes natural energy. That is why YOKAMOS will be able to make many people feel this charm. We will develop products that utilize the food culture of Oguni Town with the theme of fermentation and products so that we can convey the charm of Oguni Town to everyone who came through the food experience. Thank you for your support. I was Masaru Suzuki, a corporate YOKAMOS auditor, who produced cafes and was in charge of food development.

1F・Sake Brewery Cafe

1F・Sake Brewery Cafe

Seating fee/person

Free of charge for infants and toddlers not using seats Free entry and exit for one-day use Seats cannot be reserved for use.

1 hour500 yen

2 hours1,000 yen

1 day use1,000 yen

Free drinks and Wi-Fi

Fermented Curry

Using miso from Oguni

Fermented Curry

800 yen(incl. tax)

Curry produced by SHO SUZUKI, supervisor of YOKAMOS. The theme is fermentation, and the food is prepared by Oguni-machi's food culture.

raw materials
Onion paste (domestically produced), chicken, beef, tomato puree, molasses, miso, wheat flour, spices, garlic paste, grated ginger, fond de veau, chuno sauce, dried sardines, salt, bonito powder, (contains wheat, soybeans, milk ingredients, beef, chicken, gelatin, apple)

Miso Financier

Fermented Sweets

Miso Financier

300 yen(incl. tax)

Cute-shaped financier made with miso made from soybeans and rice koji produced in Oguni Town. The slightly salty flavor and moist dough are irresistible!

raw materials
egg white, miso, sugar, almond pudding, flour, butter, white chocolate

Brewed Coffee& Traveling Coffee

free drinks

Brewed Coffee
& Traveling Coffee

Two types of coffee are available: "brewing coffee" selected by coffee experts in the vicinity of Oguni-machi and Okihama area, and "traveling coffee" selected by people associated with Oguni-machi. Please spend a relaxing time with our special coffees only at KamosQ.

Food Culture Producer
After graduating from high school, he trained as a chef in Nagano, Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama before opening "Orechi no Aburiya Chibo" (now Echigo Robata and Yukiguni Jizake Chibo) in his hometown of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture in 2007. Subsequently, he opened "Echigo Kitchen Suzukichi", "Aozora Sake Restaurant", "SUZUDELI", "FARM TABLE SUZU", "FOOD TRUCK SUZU365" catering car, "SUZU365" grocery store, and "SUZUVEL" local fast food & food trip store. As a food culture producer, he has been involved in efforts to convey the charm of the region through "Hatake Gohan Juku", "Yasai no Gakko", and "CHEFS CARAVAN", and has developed many products such as "SHO SUZUKI NIIGATA", "Omusubi JAM", and "Johnny Dip Sauce", his own brand utilizing local ingredients.

Food Culture ProducerSHO SUZUKI