Information on coworking space

About application (new enrollment)

  • Applications can be registered on the website 24 hours a day without visiting or visiting the store.

  • Please note that the procedure for "registration(new enrollment)" differs depending on the application plan.

  • To pay the usage fee, you need to register to use the payment system (free of charge).

  • To enter or leave the room, you need to install a dedicated application (free of charge) on your smartphone terminal.

* In the coworking space Kamos"Q", the "fixU" application operated by fixU Co., Ltd. is used for time-based payment and entry / exit of the coworking space. It is necessary to install the dedicated application "fixU" on your smartphone or tablet device. It cannot be used with future phones (feature phones). Please note.

About usage plan

The coworking space Kamos"Q" offers "Drop-in (Hourly/Only on 1F)" and "Monthly" plans.

Drop-in (hourly) *Only on 1F; no drop-in service on 2F.

① 500 yen for 1 hour, 1000 yen for up to 2 hours * In case of entry / exit / re-entry, a separate usage fee will be charged regardless of the usage time.
② 1000 yen a day, free entry and exit (9:00 to 18:00)


The initial fee will be the admission fee and registration fee (first time only)

Click herefor details on plans and prices

Application procedure for facility use

1. Registration of "fixU" app

<Installation of dedicated application>

Please install and register the dedicated "fixU " application to pay for your service.

Click here for Android


Click here for iOS


2. Store registration with the dedicated app "fixU"

<Search for coworking space>

Start the "fixU" app and search for "SAKURAGAWA Kamos"Q"uare from "Store Search".
Please select "Apply for use" to apply.
"Find a store" screen
"Store" screen
Please confirm and agree to the "Terms of Service" and proceed to registration according to the guidance.

<Membership registration>

Please install the app and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the registration information below.

· First name (first name and last name)
· Gender (optional)
· Email address
· Password
· Zip code (optional)
· Address (optional)
· Zip code (optional)
· ID photo (1 or more)


3. Check-in (Entering the room)

We will explain how to check in (enter) the "store(coworking space)". Follow the steps below to proceed with the "fixU" app.

(1) Please connect to "Space Wi-Fi".

Check the "SSID, PASS" displayed on the screen, register in the "Wi-Fi settings" of your smartphone terminal, and connect to the "Wi-Fi" of the store.

(2) Check the plan and check in.

After connecting to "Wi-Fi", check that the "plan" to be used is displayed on the screen, and select "Check in to store ".

(3)"Check-in confirmation "

When the "Check-in Confirmation" screen is displayed, select the "Check-in" button to check in.

(4) Enter the room

When "check-in" is complete, the door auto-lock will be unlocked. Please open the door and enter the coworking space. Since this facility is auto-locked, please be sure to bring your smartphone or other device with the "fixU" app installed when you leave the room temporarily, such as when you wash your hands. If you forget it in the room, you will not be able to re-enter.

<If you cannot check in>

If you cannot "check in", please check the following. Please check if you are connected to the specified "Wi-Fi". Please check if the use of "location information" of the "fixU" app is permitted. If you are still unable to "check in" after trying the above items, please contact the support desk dedicated to "fixU" below. "FixU" support window (LINE registration required)


4. Check-out (payment)

I will explain how to check out (payment). Follow the steps below to proceed to the "checkout" procedure of the "fixU"app.

(1) Launch the "fixU" app

Please install the app and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the registration information below. When you leave the coworking space, launch the "fixU" app and select the facility's "Usage Details" menu from the "Check-in" tab to check the details of your plan.

(2) Confirmation of "Usage details"

Please check the usage details and check the settlement amount.

(3) Leaving the room and clearing

After confirming your usage details, select the "Checkout(payment)" button to check out (payment completed).


<If you forget to check out>

Every day at 23:59, all checkout processes including "Forgot to check out" will be automatically settled and the usage amount will be confirmed. Please note that if you forget to "check out" even if you leave the room within the usage time, you will be charged the billing time (including the excess) until the automatic check-out.

<About usage time and settlement amount>

Even if you leave the room earlier than the time of the usage plan at the time of "check-in", we will not refund the difference etc. In addition, if you leave the room or check out after the usage time, you will be charged the excess fee in 1-hour increments from the time of excess. Please note.

<About settlement and leaving the room>

Once the payment is completed, you will not be able to enter the room without "checking in" again. Also, if you "check out(clear)" while you are in the room, you cannot use the "unlock key" of the app, so please press the "unlock button" in the center of the door lock directly to leave the room.

Precautions for use

  • When using the coworking space Kamos"Q" (hereinafter referred to as "this facility"), we hope that everyone will follow the etiquette and morals and consider other customers. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • This facility will be an auto-lock system. Please be sure to bring your registered smartphone when you leave the room for restrooms, meals, shopping, etc.

  • You can bring in drinks and food and drink. However, please refrain from using drinks, foods, perfumes, etc. that are easily soiled or have a strong odor.

  • Please take your garbage home with you. * There is no trash can in this facility.

  • When eating or drinking, please be careful not to pollute the room.

  • For the safety and equipment maintenance of all users, we have installed a security camera and are constantly recording. Please note.

  • Only the applicant (contractor) of the "Monthly Plan(individual use)" can use it.

  • The "Monthly Plan (corporate use)" can be used by the applicant (contractor) and his / her companion (up to 3 people).

  • The "drop-in plan(individual use)" can only be used by the applicant (contractor).

  • It is prohibited to share or rent the "unlocking key" of the facility to anyone other than the applicant.

Cancellation / cancellation

  • We do not accept cancellations due to customer's convenience.

  • The usage fee will be paid in one lump sum for each monthly fee.

  • The number of remaining days at the time of cancellation on the way cannot be refunded on a daily basis. Please give me a little in advance.

About withdrawal / change procedure

  • To apply for withdrawal / change, please submit the prescribed "Notification" from the "Withdrawal Application Form" below. It will be applied after confirmation by the secretariat at a later date.

  • Withdrawal / change application form

  • In addition, the application completion date of the application contents will differ depending on the submission date (our receipt date). Please note.

  • If you submit it before the 14th of every month, the application will be completed on the last day of the month.

  • If you submit it after the 15 th of every month, the application will be completed on the last day of the following month.

* Changes by phone, verbal, email, etc. will not be accepted. Unless this coworking space receives a withdrawal notice, you will be obliged to pay the membership fee. Please note. If you have any other questions, please contact us using this inquiry form.

Terms of Use

Please be sure to read the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use