Book Mansion

Aim for the sake brewery library.

Sake Brewery Library-Book Mansion-One Box Bookstore Owner System

The shelves installed on the wall on the first floor are book apartments. Books and books recommended by the owner of the book apartment are placed and can be freely browsed in the facility. "Cards" are attached to books and books that can be sold. Please feel free to contact the staff.





Those who wish to be a book apartment owner

Those who wish to own a book apartment are limited to those who have already registered as a KamosQ member.

(Please refer to the price plan page)

About sales

Only the products that can be sold by the book apartment owner have a card with the owner's name + book name + suggested price. Please feel free to ask the staff.

About use

You can only browse inside the camosk (1st and 2nd floor). There is no rental / take-out. It can also be viewed when used as a cafe on the 1st floor.

(There is no registration)

Future Book Mansion-To Sake Brewery Library

We are planning to use the shelves for secondhand book markets, special shelves for popular writers, and handling products other than books.

Beyond that, we will enhance the collection of books and books so that the KamosQ will become a "learning hall" as a sake brewery library. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any plans to bring your own.