About KAMOS "Q"

~ We meet and bring about life. ~


I want to visit again. If there is such a place, you can change your work and way of life. The real thrill of traveling lies in the scenes and stories that can be seen by changing with the environment and scenery. Those who have spent different timelines exchange "questions". This is the "brewing place" that exists in Sakuragawa KamoSquare.

Message from KamosQ

Almost many of the people around us who have been involved in the "Kamosquare" and have visited us will come back with someone again. "It was a very kind and warm time." That is why I want to create similar relationships with more people. That is why, as a "relationship information center" that connects people with "us" and visits this gusset, we want to aim for a "square" where new encounters, values, ways of life, and questions meet. That is the sake brewery cafe & Iide Sanroku coworking space "KamosQ".

About the operating company YOKAMOS

Our company was enacted in March 2021 with the support of the "Oguni Local Business Creation School" conducted by Oguni Town. From the main base in Sakuragawa Sake Brewery at the foot of Bandai Asakuni Park / Iitoyo, business creation that creates new value and business with local resources x CREATIVE x technology (technology) with the keyword "fermentation" It is a group.

The richness of life lies in who you meet and how you spend your time.
Let's brew life together!

Born in Hiroshima. As a student, he met entrepreneurs from Sapporo Biz Cafe®, which changed his outlook on life. While still a student, he ran his own business operation, and after graduation, he joined his hometown Hiroshima Electric Railway Co. He later founded a limited partnership company, neeth, in 2007, and has been involved in "new business creation and human resource development in the field of food and tourism in Hokkaido, " as well as supporting entrepreneurship as a member of the Sapporo Biz Cafe® Board of Directors. Currently, he has grouped several companies he manages and has three faces: social business development, university teacher, and researcher of "real pleasure ".Translated with www.DeepL.com / Translator(free version)


Let's experience the worcation at the foot of Mt. Iitoyo with us under the themes of "working", "eating" and "learning"!

Sponsorship and Collaboration

Sponsorship and Collaboration

※Kamosuk and other projects and services are made possible through the support and cooperation of YOKAMOS brewers.



213 Oguni Kosakamachi, Oguni Town, Nishiokitama District, Yamagata Prefecture 999-1363
E-mail: iide360.092@yokamosquare.jp